Welcome to CHS – a community- based wellness center that provides psychiatric recovery, rehabilitation and therapeutic services to individuals and families. The practice has been serving Baltimore and DC metropolitan area since 2003.

In line with our vision, we partner in facilitating and sustaining positive community development where all individuals can attain their full potential and well-being, achieved through supportive, educational, and therapeutic interventions that promote awareness using wellness model of treatment that looks at the whole person, their family and their community.

Our team consists of compassionate and culturally competent professionals, who share a deep commitment to advancing behavioral health and wellness of the clients that we serve.

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Core Values


Caring, Collaboration, Compassion, Confidentiality, Consistency, Clients, Community.


Honesty, Hope, Holistic, Health.


Accessible, Available, Assurance, Accountability, Attitude.


Need, Necessity, Non- Judgmental.


Growth, Good- documentation.


Efficiency, Empathy, Erudition, Extraordinary Service, Excellence.

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